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Questions about payment and shipping

What payment options are available:
We offer the following payment options.
– Prepayment by bank transfer
– Payment via PayPal (credit card, direct debit, invoice if applicable)
– Payment by instant bank transfer (via Klarna)
– Payment by invoice (via Klarna)
– Payment by direct debit (via Klarna)
– Payment by credit card (via Klarna)

How are the orders shipped?
We ship the order by DHL parcel Go Green.
For shipping, we use re-used cardboard boxes as far as possible and available. These are used cardboard boxes, which are used again in this way. This protects the environment.
We only use brown paper as packaging and filling material, no plastic or polystyrene flips.

How long does it take to receive my order?
We try to send your order on the same day by DHL, at the latest the following day. DHL parcels usually take 1 – 2 working days to arrive. DHL also delivers on Saturdays.
Unless otherwise stated, the goods will be delivered within 3 – 5 days for domestic deliveries (Germany) and within 7 – 10 days for international deliveries.

What does shipping cost and what is the minimum amount for free shipping?
We charge 8.80 euros for domestic deliveries and 29.50 euros for deliveries abroad.
Free shipping is available for orders over 500 Euros.
You can find more information here.

Questions about our products

Can the LED solar module be used for all lampions and how long does it shine?
The LED solar module can basically be used for all lampion. ATTENTION: Due to the different light transmission of the individual colours and sizes, we recommend it mainly for the smaller sizes and brighter colours.
For this purpose, we have compiled our lighting recommendations in an overview.

Is the lighting and mounting set available in different versions?
We have the wired lighting and mounting set in three versions in terms of cable length, namely with 5 metres, 10 metres and with 20 metres cable length.
All three versions consist of a plug, the cable in the corresponding length and an E27 socket for standard light bulbs.
The lighting and mounting set can be used for all lampions.
You can find the instructions for the lighting and mounting sets here.

Do all lampions shine with the same brightness or are there differences?
In fact, not all of our lampions in the different colours shine with the same brightness. This is due to the colour-specific properties of the respective colours.
For example, the lampion in dove blue-grey and black (Dark-Edition) does not let any light through at all!
The blue, red, dark red and pink lampions are preferably to be operated with the wired lighting.
The white, yellow, cream and orange lampions in size S and also M are well equipped with the solar module. In size L, wired lighting is usually a good solution. You can find a detailed overview of our lighting recommendations here.

Can the lampions really be used outdoors all year round?
Yes, they can! Depending on the place of use, it is recommended to clean the lampion at appropriate intervals to keep it looking good for a long time.
If you want to store your lampion for longer periods of non-use, please make sure that it is completely dry.

My solar module does not light up, what can I do?
The LED solar panels are all pre-charged when we send them out. If it really does not light up, first look at the DIP switch on the underside of the solar module to see if you have switched it ON.
In addition, the LED of the solar module starts to light up automatically in the evening from a fixed preset twilight value.
If the DIP switch is set to On and it still does not light up, place the solar module switched off in the light for a few days so that the batteries can fully charge again.
You can also find more information about our solar module here in the instructions.

What is the best way to clean my lampion?
We recommend cleaning our lampions most after a rainy period. This is because the impurities on the surface are already dissolved and can be removed more easily. For cleaning, we recommend lukewarm water with a little neutral detergent. If there are still stains on the lampion that you would like to remove, you can try a slightly stronger cleaning agent on the material sample that was included with the lampion.
If you have lost this material sample, you can order a new one here free of charge.
You can find more detailed information about cleaning in our cleaning and care instructions.

Something is wrong with my ground spike. Did I receive the wrong ground spike?
You have received your delivery, put the ground spike together, hung the lampion on it and something is wrong? Then it is probably due to a slightly different assembly of the ground spike. Please be sure to read the assembly instructions that came with the ground spike when it was delivered. You can also find them here.
It is essential to pay attention to the correct direction of the individual elements and which direction they are inserted into each other. Furthermore, the wire rope included with the lantern is not intended for use on the ground spike, but for use on a tree, for example.
The lampion is hung directly into the eyelet of the ground spike with the snap hook at the top.