It is not important that you have many ideas,
but, that you realize the good ones.
And that’s exactly what we did.

We are situated in the far north, where the weather is rough. A region known for the stiff breeze, and which enjoys a bad reputation in terms of the weather.

And yet – we „Northern Lights“ adapt, we don’t get put off by the weather and we enjoy the outdoor living space. We have adapted our product: to the European climatic conditions.

Barlooon weatherproof lampion illuminated in the twilight

Good is not good enough

We focus on the essentials, on what we are really good at. Our lampion is well thought through. We took on the challenge of making the Barlooon stand out, and not just because of its consistency and quality.

Create quality

Quality is when customers keep coming back and not the goods. Because, not only the material of the lampion as such has a very high quality, we pay also attention selecting best materials and durable accessories.

Barlooon weatherproof Outdoor Lampion - made in Germany

Appreciation of customers

However, we would like our customers come back not only because of the good products and their quality, but also because of our reliable service. We are only happy when you are happy with our lampions and with us.

In harmony with the environment

We do our best to make our Barlooon products as environmentally friendly as possible. Therefore we created a durable product that customers can enjoy for many years. Our Lampion Barlooon is made in Germany, so the distribution channels are short and the environmental impact is correspondingly lower.

Fun on the product

Our Barlooon is fun! We manufacture it with pleasure doing the handiwork. Every single Barlooon is handmade, and that’s what makes its high quality.

The weatherproof and robust Outdoor-Lampion Barlooon, mounted on a ground spike.
You’ll find enclosed the Barlooon brochure