“Quality is when the customers come back and not the goods.”

The quality of our products and our customer service, as well as the sustainable use of resources, is important to us. It is our concern to produce a durable quality product and to assist our customers with questions about our products before and, of course, after the purchase.

In diesen Ausführungen gibt es unsere Barlooon Lampions.

Almost like touching – our product presentation and our service

Reasons for returns are often misconceptions about the product: that is why we provide our customers with sufficient pictures, detailed photos and precise descriptions to really be able to assess the item. In our online shop, you also have the opportunity to look at the corresponding assembly instructions as well as the cleaning and care instructions for the respective products.
Avoiding returns helps the environment: Therefore, take a little time to inform yourself about the product before you buy it. We will be happy to send you free material samples by post in advance so that you can get a precise impression of the material properties and the individual colours. You can request free material samples here.

Respectful handling of returns

And if we do receive a return, we take our time to look at it and assess the condition of the returned product.

If the items are in a regular saleable condition, then they go back to the warehouse.
If the returned product has already been in use or has another small defect, but as such it is in a saleable condition as a “non-perfect” item, i.e. an imperfect item, then it will be marked as such and sold in the online shop or at B2C trade fairs at a discount.
If a return is made due to quality defects, then we will endeavour to rework this defect and bring the product into a perfect saleable condition. If this is not successful, then it will either be a “non-perfect” item and sold marked accordingly. Or the product is dismantled as far as possible into its individual parts, which then serve as spare parts and thus extend the product life cycle of another product.

Nothing goes to waste with us. Returns are not rubbish, but often perfect goods, despite small flaws or damaged packaging. In order to process returns in an ecologically and economically sustainable manner, we do everything in our power to ensure that returned goods can be resold or at least recycled. Good for us, good for you, and good for the environment!

These individual parts make up a weatherproof and robust Barlooon - Lamipon.

Conscious consumption

We would like to support conscious consumption with all the information in advance and thus protect the climate. Conscious consumption emphasises the value of the product, the resources and labour contained in it and also helps to reduce returns. For these reasons, we have decided not to take on the return shipping for our returns in order to reduce returns and thus reduce the burden on the environment.