The design and the name ‘Barlooon’ are something very special.

Even at first glance, it can be seen that the weatherproof lampion Barlooon sets itself apart from conventional lampions. The design of the Barlooon is something very special.

Barlooon - Made in Germany in three sizes S / M / L

Unlit and lit, the Barlooon is an absolute eye-catcher. The special design shows itself in all its different sizes (size S with 30 cm diameter / size M with 50 cm diameter / size L with 70 cm diameter).

And because the Barlooon, with its product-specific characteristics as such, is something special, we have also had the design protected. This is subject to a patented community design.

Since we do not leave things unfinished, we also have the name ‘Barlooon’ registered as a trademark.

You’ll find enclosed the Barlooon brochure here
German-Lampion Barlooon size S black red yellow on stainless steel ground spike