The weatherproof lampion Barlooon is manufactured by Barlooon Germany GmbH and it is the lighting for outdoor living.

Thanks to the new ground-spike made of stainless steel, it’s easy to place the lampions. Simply stick it into the ground, integrate the new LED solar
module and you’re ready to go. The particularly atmospheric and varied lighting that characterizes the Barlooon can be enjoyed all year on the terrace and in the garden.

The Lampion Barlooon is available in three different sizes. It is a wonderful alternative to the usual lighting options used in a beer garden or the outside of a restaurant. The lampions of Barlooon create a cozy atmosphere.

In restaurants and beer gardens candlelight on tables usually provides a nice ambience, garden lamps are often too bright and destroy this atmosphere but light is needed. The Lampion Barlooon, on the other hand, blends harmoniously into the surroundings. It is decorative and at the same time a valuable and high-quality type of lighting.

Weatherproof Barlooon Lampion in white in size S mounted on a ground spike.
Yellow Barlooon Lampion mounted on stainless steel ground spike

The Lampion Barlooon is absolutely weatherproof, robust and durable. The material of the Barlooon has been specially adapted to the weather conditions in Europe. There are no limits to place the lampions, you can hang them in large or small trees, as well as in large shrubs, pavilions, tents, on the roof, on taut lines and many more objects. The lampions can be operated with any standard lighting, which should clearly be adapted to the place of use.

The Lampion Barlooon is manufactured in Germany with great care, it’s handmade. The Lampion Barlooon is available in the colors white, cream, yellow, orange and red. Due to the three different sizes 30, 50 and 70 cm diameter, there is something for each area.

You’ll find enclosed the Barlooon brochure here